What is ETHOS?

ETHOS is a new social network for inclusion, ideas and innovation.

ETHOS is here to empower one generation to create a better future for the next.
Because social matters don’t end when the #hashtag dies.


Find Your Purpose

From learning about global issues, down to helping improve your daily routine, connect with what you care about ETHOS.


Meet Your People

You know what you care about - and you’re not alone in doing so. Find people on ETHOS who share your ambitions for change.


Create Real Impact

From discovery, to real life change, ETHOS looks to make the absolute most of the energy you bring to the table.

What can we offer you?

We noticed you care
about social issues.

And ETHOS looks to be the home of socially minded communities to drive solutions forward. We’re building an app for creators just like you: to support and amplify your voice; and connect you with people who share your vision.


As an ETHOS pioneer, we want to look after you.
We have an estimated reach of 20 million at the point of launch and a creator-centered monetisation plan underway. Your success defines our success.


Use your voice to amplify social causes in a place where users are already propelled to make a difference. No more shady algorithms and profit-driven setbacks. Our users will listen and will act.


Join an inclusive community of people who share your values. Users will create, learn and grow with you to make real change happen. You can make ETHOS the social media app you’ve dreamed of.

for a sustainable future ·

What Next?

We’re ready for you!

At this early stage, ETHOS is a great fit if...

You're an iOS (15) user

We have high standards for the security we want to give our users. That’s why our first release is not yet available to Android users, although it is top on our list! We just need to grow a bit more first. 

You’re a social super user

Joining us early on in our journey, you and other issue-driven creators will set the tone for early ETHOS. Whether it’s sharing useful resources, amplifying solutions or telling your story, you’re in control. 

You're looking to grow with us

Building user-driven, ethical social media takes time. Exciting features are in the works but your voice is important! Take the leap with us and we can build the world’s greatest ethical tech platform together.

Still interested?
Sign up to receive an invite!

We’re still in private beta mode, so you will need to install Apple’s TestFlight app for exclusive access. After signing up to the waitlist below you will receive a link to download via iOS TestFlight. Keep an eye out! 👀

    And last but not least…

    We’d love to invite you to our ETHOS insider instagram (@ethos_insiders), where our community members can share their thoughts and keep up to date with new and exciting content, app features, behind the scenes exclusives and lots more. Give us a follow and we’ll welcome you with open arms!