bring an idea to life this term ✨

launch a campus initiative that you can have fun with, that amplifies a cause you care about, and that drives registrations to the ETHOS app!

as Community Builder, you will lead the project happening on your campus this term. ETHOS is here to support in several ways (detail to come).

1: the idea

we will work together as a team to shape your idea into something that is rewarding and do-able! we won't ditch you (unless you would prefer us to) - book in a session with either Lizzy or Alex to talk ideas and plans - if you are not sure, or have a few that you can think of, use this as a creative brainstorming session! [calendly link here]

2: operations

the planning part! once you know what you want to do and how, fill in this form as an official "submission" of your project. we will use this as a checklist of all the bits and ensure we can support you in the right ways 🎉

3: action!

once the idea and plan of action + budget is set up - it's time to get going! you will have the support of an ETHOS managing team member throughout and weekly check-ins if you need them. please always feel free to come to us for any doubts, and remember to enjoy the process!

and that’s it! for any further questions, please get in touch on Discord or book a time in using the link 🙂