Why Ask Me?

Whether you have been invited via DM on social, email or text - we've noticed you care!

Not just that you care about social media apps and technology but that you care about our planet and might be someone who could help us make both things whole lot better! Read on for the type of app-testers we need. Rewards and clout up for grabs!


We're iOS only,at least for now!

We have high standards for the security we want to give our users. That’s why our first release is not yet available to Android users, although it is top on our list! We just need to grow a bit more first.


ETHOS is built around causes

All the content on ETHOS is about the causes that you care about. Whether it is to share a resource or a creative solution to an issue that matters to you, this is the platform for the topics that matter.


You're a social super user

We’re looking for people who want to pioneer the next big platform to engage with content. Do you enjoy cultivating online identities and sharing what you have to say? We all have a voice, ETHOS is the place to use it!

A few things you should know before you become an OG!

We’re on a mission to make content around causes online what it should be; positive, useful and safe. We want to build something that rewards the people who make the network what it is; this is why “Social Media Built By YOU” is our message. You are joining us from the VERY beginning so don’t expect it all to be built yet… This is the part where we need YOU

So just before you (hopefully) sign up, please note!

We're super early!

You're one of the first so help us make it epic.

There WILL be bugs

But we will (with your help) be fixing them!

Minimal features

We're focused on what's important first then we'll build the dream!

We need feedback

Our community's voice is our most important asset.

iOS 15 only!

We're building for the future so supporting only the newest versions for now!

"Built By YOU"

We want to build social media we all love and that means it's "Built By YOU".

Still interested? Amazing!

Fill out the form below and answer the questions. Once you press "Join The Waitlist" we'll add you and get back to you soon with a more information on how to download our app! Thanks for getting this far!